I'm a PC - always have been.  My first computer was a clunky little gray ThinkPad.   Here I am, about 4 or 5 computers later still using a ThinkPad.  What delighted me most of all with the latest model is the addition of a program called "Painting" on Windows 7.   I was hooked from the first drawing that I made using the program.   Using my pointer finger as a stylus I'm able to change colors and brush types as often as I desired.  I love the way the colors overlap creating new texture and depth.

I've tried to post drawings as often as possible.  In the beginning I actually made a drawing for each post.  Then I started to suffer from severe tendonitis.  The pressure on my right finger was relentless - and combine that with decades of chopping, slicing and dicing - you get the picture.  And while drawings are a bit less frequent - they will still show up.  I enjoy making them - very much.

What to do with the tendonitis?  Doctors want to shot drugs into the area.  Pfft.  Easy fix.  The last time I was on Nantucket my brother-in-law gave me a bee sting.   I think I need about 3 more - that might do the trick.  The natural cure!

Check out older posts for more drawings.

Never mind tendonitis - I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome.  Which involved surgery last early November and recuperation - which seems to be ongoing.  I don't dare use the finger of my right for drawings again.  Too much pressure.  So, I'll add a few more drawings and come to a another solution (like a real stylus) - which I'll put on a list and then....