Friday, January 14, 2011

Let it snow

Best thing about the snow in New York City?  The light -  any part of 24 hours of the day.  Morning light shining so brightly on the crytalline heaps that you feel like you might go permanently blind if you continue to look; the afternoon light, faintly rose-gold, shows up as the low-in-the-sky sun  begins its early departure, the evening light reflecting on the the remnants of the setting sun - and grey buildings - becomes violet-blue, and the calming, navy blue night provides a canopy for a good night's sleep.  That is for about the first 8 hours or so until the general population starts walking around, littering along the way, and clanking City plows mound dirty snow up against cars.  Second best thing (really, first for me - but it seemed kind of selfish to declare it number one) - alternate side of the street parking is suspended - and suspended - and suspended, then the winter holidays begin, more suspensions. Maybe, if I really play it right I'll only have to move my car 4 times this month!  Oh joy.
Third best thing? Scraping off the top layer of snow,  making perfect, pristine snowballs  with the under-layer, and covering them with maple syrup and chopped nuts. Consuming, immediately.  Of course.


A friend, who lives, part-time, in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont once suggested that I pour the syrup from his area over snow for a tasty treat.  I've refined his recipe.  Just a tiny bit.

Make 3-inch diameter snow balls and place in a bowl. Pour maple syrup over them.  Let it seep into the snow.  Pour some more syrup  to insure the the snow is thoroughly drenched with flavor. Sprinkle with chopped nuts of your choice.  Ah, granita di sciroppo d'acero.  

Allegra just loves a bite of snow - neat.

SUSANSIMONSAYS:  I recommend grade B maple syrup for this particular applcation.  It's deep, rich, mapley flavor gives the snow the boost you want.  In fact, I always use grade B maple syrup - which is something like maple caramel syrup!  I chopped up some sweet and salty roasted almonds -  leftover from last week's cocktail prolonge` - for the topping.

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  1. Beautiful drawings! I hope it snows again soon so we can try your recipe. Delicious. And Allegra looks so focused trapsing through the white fluff. I hope she will be inspiration to our hounds this winter.