Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nantucket - mid-September 2011

Allegra and I took  a trip up to the island right smack in the middle of the month of September.  You could say that it's one of my favorite times to be on Nantucket.  Our recent weekend did not disappoint.  Dry, sunny weather, active surf (for viewing only - I don't do rough waves), good friends, delicious food and a few well- organized local actvities made our stay a pure delight.

Saturday morning on Cambridge Street - between St. Mary's Church and the Post Office - down to North Union Street we found the colorful and thoroughly delightful Sustainable Nantucket, Nantucket Farmers and Artisans Market.   On some Saturdays, more than 40 local farmers and artisans display their wares for sale.  The market is open for business June 11 through October 15th, from 9am - 1pm.   There's something very satisfying when you peruse the various vendor's stalls knowing that everything is grown or made on Nantucket.   Bravo.

Vegetable, herbs, and flowers from the organic Pumpkin Pond Farm.

Anna Lynn Bender and her delicious, mohair throws, scarves, cowls and rugs - just a small sampling of her woven goods which are found in greater variety at her home studio, The Weaving Room.

Whale whirligigs and Nantucket zip code tee shirts are a few of the amusing items at
Nantucket Woodworking.

And so much more.

On Saturday afternoon my sister, Laura & I went out to the old Navy base at Tom Never's field to attend the Island Fair.  What a treat.  It was a mini version of those great, huge state fairs, complete with animals, produce (especially pumpkins) and baking competitions, and of course, fried dough.

Laura's cantaloup got a 1st prize blue ribbon, while her borlotti beans took a red ribbon 2nd.

Have you ever seen two more adorable bunny rabbits?

or  best friends, a miniture donkey and a miniature horse...

or a goat called Mango...

or sleeping piglets.

My brother-in-law, Jimmy, is a beekeeper - not just a hive or two - but a dozen or more.   There is not subject that pleases him more than talking about the virtues of bees and their well-ordered lives.   His honey has won many blue ribbons - in compettion with with half of the states of the USA.  Pretty impressive.  Jimmy had a table at the Fair where he spoke to everyone who passed by about beekeeping - in great detail - and sold out jars of his  honey faster than than the Missoni collection sold out of Target.

There were nice days at the beach and good meals with good friends.   Including one with old friends, Marina and Michel.  Michel, a former professional chef - cooked a simple, a la minute meal that was delicious, healthy and simple, simple, simple.   Sauteed to a crisp local flounder, local corn on the cob, and baby bok choy, wok-cooked in hot oil until just-about caramelized.

We sure did have a good time.

SUSANSIMONSAYS:   My friend, Roy & I are cooking dinner for a few paying friends and acquaintances.  The proceeds from our dinner will go to GrowNYC the organization who is helping upstate New York farmers recover from the ravages of hurricane Irene.  Please go to the website to see how you can help.  Next blog will include menu and photos from the dinner

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