Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Where Have I Been?

brunch in Kingston
more brunch - classic American breakfast 
Well, let me  just start out by saying that I'm an Aries.  Aries rules the head.  So, I'm head, strong.  I'm under the impression that the whole time that Aries is the featured constellation is time for celebration - or sloth.  A cosmic excuse for not doing all that needs doing.  Somehow I wind up doing lots anyway.  I've just wandered a bit from usual routine. 
I celebrated my actual birthday with the same group of friends with whom I've feted it for the past 8 years.   It was a fine time with lunch, shopping, drinks, and dinner in Hudson, and brunch the next day in Kingston which luckily for us took place on the most beautiful weekend that we've experienced this spring.  Luck is often a factor in the life of an Aries.

I entertained an old friend, the painter, Robert Cronin  who kindly lent me a few of his fabulous paintings (and, over the years, has gifted me with some too) to enlivened the atmosphere of my home.  He just seems to know what I like.  We had a nice lunch together.
I made grilled lemon chicken:
.  boneless, skinless chicken breasts cut into 1 1/2-inch strips
.  marinated in lemon zest and juice, minced garlic, a dried herb such as oregano or thyme, hot pepper flakes and olive oil - overnight, or 4 hours before grilling.
.  add salt and grill, or sear in a piping hot cast iron skillet for 90 seconds on each side.
 and farro salad with:
 chopped olives, crumbled feta cheese, chopped fresh mint, olive oil toasted pine nuts, and few drops of apple-lingonberry vinegar (thanks IKEA).
.  tossed local salad leaves and a selection of local cheese - all blooming rinds made with cow's milk, goat's milk, and sheep's milk - (I threw away the labels and can't remember their names - after all, I'm a year older)
.  a few chocolates, some dates, and some almonds.
Which gave dear Bob the strength to hang the paintings he brought.

There was a nice day in NYC.  Lunch with Aries friend, Louise Fili at Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria about whom, and which I've waxed rhapsodic many times on this blog.  Dinner with another Aries friend, Roy at Takahachi - along with Rita and David.  I've talked about this Japanese restaurant too.  I seem to be provincial when it comes to restaurant choices.  I stay with what I like.

Joanne Rossman Purveyor of the Unnecessary and Irresistible

sweet and sour fried oysters with pineapple sambal, market greens, Myers and Chang

wok action at Myers and Chang

counter at Sofra

That is until I went to Boston last weekend.  Yup, Boston on April 20th.   I had a longtime engagement and as long as the city was open, I had no intention of staying away.  So I signed some copies of my book, a translation of an Italian culinary guide, "Italy Dish by Dish" at Joanne Rossman, Purveyor of The Unnecessary and Irresistible .  Joanne then guided me through the culinary delights of her adopted city. And, oh my, go to Boston for many reasons, not the least of which is to EAT.  In this city, dominated by women chefs, we sampled the establishments of two of the most celebrated; Joanne Chang at Myers & Chang the Asian fusion (but heavily Chinese) restaurant that she owns with her husband, Chris Myers in the city's South End, ice cream at Toscanini in Cambridge where I let the taste of their renowned burnt caramel flavor linger until I could no longer find it, and  breakfast at Ana Sortun's Sofra bakery and café in Cambridge which was slurpalicious - you can't even begin to imagine. 
I wrote all about my Boston experiences for my column in the Register Star - it will appear on Friday the 26th April.  Go to the paper's site, click on columnists then scroll down until you find me.   As a matter of fact, you can go to some of my older columns for some real recipes.  I've been at my column even if I haven't been here!
SATURDAY, APRIL 27th I'll be at the Hudson Public Library at the Friends of the Library's colossal cookbook sale from 11am - 1pm to answer cooking questions - or just meet you and talk food!

Easy dinner - when you've been shopping at Russ and Daughters in NYC and come home with some salmon roe.  Baked very sweet, sweet potatoes from Miller's Crossing at the Hudson Farmers' Market, slit open, filled with crème fraiche then topped with salmon roe.  This dish has it all - and it's healthy.


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