Thursday, July 25, 2013

This Saturday in Hudson

Come, meet Joshua and Jessica Applestone the owners of the renowned Fleisher's Meats in Kingston, and Brooklyn, New York, who'll be at the Hudson Farmers' Market on the 27th July from 10am - noon signing copies of their book - "The Butcher's Guide to Well-Raised Meat".   The book is a must, not just for carnivores but also for those who have eliminated meat from their diets and are reconsidering their choices.  Josh, a former vegan, and Jess, a vegetarian - will tell you in their own words about their conversion back to meat, and how they think about raising and treating the animals who'll become dinner.

The Hudson Farmers' Market is located at 6th and Columbia Streets in downtown Hudson. 
I'll be there too. 

 Susan Simon Says - Food for Thought column in tomorrow's paper - (click on columnists and scroll down to mine)  has five, almost no-cook salad recipes  to make when you don't want to rely on your stove - too much.  Not with this summer's weather.


My friend, Mary, who was my neighbor when I lived in the East Village (NYC) - still lives there, but also has a home near where I live now.  Her fully organic, biodynamic vegetable garden ripened rapidly with the recent heat wave.  Everything matured at once.  She sent me an email at the beginning of the week inviting me to go over to her property and help myself to vegetables.  The picture shows what I harvested without making a dent in what was available .  Those poor little tomatoes, just bursting out of their skins will make a wonderful raw pasta sauce or relish.
I'll be keeping track of what I make and share the dishes with you.
Of course, Allegra came along and even went for a dip in the pond.


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