Thursday, July 8, 2010

False start, summertime peaches

Today I cooked up some peaches that I bought from Merry, of South Jersey's Kernan Farms located at Tuesday's St. Mark's greenmarket in New York City. I peeled and and sliced them - added them to a non-reactive saucepan with fresh lemon juice and brown sugar. They cooked at medium heat for about 6 or 7 minutes - just until the brown sugar melted and the peaches released a bit of their juice -enough time to make a light syrup. The cooled fruit is now in my refrigerator ready to take out to eat with yogurt, and granola - see recipe from my friend Amy Chaplin's blog coconutandquinoa as an ice cream or French toast topping, or with grilled pork chops. You get the idea. The peaches can be refrigerated for up to a week (they may get a bit brown - but still tasty).

The above dessert includes not only the peaches but also fresh, market bluberries, cooked with honey and lemon juice, until they pop. They too, can be refrigerated and eaten when the mood is right. This time the mood seemed to dictate frozen vanilla yogurt, Ciao Bella's sorbet of the summer, Wild Blueberry, with the cooked peaches and blueberries - garnished with crumbled Amaretti cookies. Oh man!

SUSANSIMONSAYS: always cook fruit in a non-reactive saucepan to avoid imparting metallic flavor to the fruit and staining the pan.

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