Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pink and green

Pink and green are going to be BIG themes in this blog - in case you hadn't noticed. No, I'm not a big Lily Pulitzer fan. But yes, I've spent decades, maybe even a half a century going to and living on Nantucket Island. I'm in love with the pink and green rugosa roses that border the beaches and, in general, punctuate the island landscape. I look for pink and green combinations wherever I travel. These photos were taken in the La Boca barrio of Buenos Aires. La Boca is part of the port area on the Rio de la Plata. It was originally populated with immigrants from Genoa, Italy. The dock workers and sailors painted their homes, patchwork-style, with leftover boat and ship paint.  Mark the the colorful neighborhood with its many little shops and open markets as a destination.

SUSANSIMONSAYS: Don't miss the opportunity to dine at Francis Mallmann's restaurant, Patagonia Sur, located near the river in La Boca. Mallmann, a native of Patagonia, is perhaps the most famous chef in South America. He's known for cooking on fire. In fact his cookbook, "Seven Fires" (Artisan, 2009) will astound you with the many ways you can cook on open flames. It's not just barbecue!

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